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Helpful Coaching Suggestions

  • Make practices enjoyable for everybody
  • Encourage for parental support
  • It has been scientifically proven that most kids under the age of 15 only retain up to three things that they learn per practice time. (Don’t bard kids with 20 different things about hitting at one given time; ex: “Lift your elbow up, open your stance, step to the ball, don’t drop your hands, line up your knuckles, and keep your weight back”; Instead say: “This at-bat, I want you to focus only on keeping your weight back and stepping to the ball”; Once a child masters one certain concept, its time to move to the next concept.
  • Encourage positive feedback (Ex: Good job, Next time, good hustle). Negative body language says a lot to a child. Try to eliminate it.
  • Reward effort and not results; chances are that your best athlete will get rewarded more frequently than your less skilled child over a great play, a great at-bat, or a great pitch.
  • Don’t limit kids to one position. Let all of your kids play every position at least once throughout the season. How else can a child learn something he/she’s never tried?
  • As coaches we tend to think that we add value by finding things that are done incorrectly and improving them. But it is equally important to find things that are being done correctly and to reinforce them.